Saturday, February 05, 2005


The Diplomad, Oil for Food Scandal, and New Links

Say Goodby to The Diplomad!
Mover Mike

Hammorabi on Feb 3rd in The UN Iceberg of Oil for Food Scandal has a link to the 246 page report and says that a UN agency (UNMOVIC) is still receiving money today long after Sadaam is gone, depriving Iraqis. This outrage must end!
The Iraqis want two things out of the UN now. First the UN should apologize to the Iraqi people and second to compensate Iraq and return its stolen money. Its UNMOVIC should be dissolved immediately.
Mover Mike

Please Welcome the following blogs:

Cutting Edge Of Ecstasy - He's bold:

What do we have to do to get a President with the testicular fortitude to tell the Mexican government to shut the hell up and stop the invasion of our country?
DemoNcratic - A medium to expose the Artful Dodgers of the THE ELITE MEDIA who change the Fourth Estate into a Fifth Column of lies, deception, slander, fraud, and libel. The shameful method they use to inform and telegraph information harmful to our Servicemen/Servicewomen in The Worldwide War on Terrorism to our enemies; known and unknown ... within and without ... will not go unchallenged.

Fourth Estate-Fifth Column - More from Sergeant America

Optical Illusions - These Optical Illusions are presented here in the spirit of providing an entertaining venue to educate those interested in illusions and expanding the traditional assumptions of what constitutes an illusion.

Section 31 - Searching out and identifying potential dangers to America...quietly.

The Daily Demarche -

The Diplomad inspired this site, and continued to provide inspiration as we worked to find our collective voice in the blogosphere. They will be missed, and are of course welcome to post here, or at My Blog is Your Blog any time. I'll be reading their archives for some time to come.
Mover Mike

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