Friday, February 18, 2005


H5N1, Rights, and Banned Sandwiches

Update about H5N1 (Bird Flu) from Hyscience
Governments should consider stockpiling vaccine against H5N1 bird flu now, before a pandemic starts, a World Health Organization report out next month will advise.
The US will have 4 million doses to protect us!

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Thrasymachus Online has book report of a different kind of plague, one that instantly kills all mammals (but one) with a Y chromosome (men).

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Tram From Vietnam And The Real American Dream
By Bryanna Bevens. Anecdotal evidence of different rules for immigrants.

Tram wanted to know why Asians should follow the law and spend years working on their citizenship if the benefits are the same for illegal aliens from Mexico.

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The Templar Pundit has a post about sandwiches banned by Rutgers. I thought, "What sandwich could be offensive?" It was a tough search to find this story in The Daily Targum and I had to register.

Students split on Grease Truck names

A Grease Truck worker - who wished to be identified as "Mr. C" - was visibly upset yesterday about covering up certain names on his truck.
The sandwiches are "Fat Dyke" and "Fat Bitch"
"I'm very upset. We're all very upset," he said. "I've been selling [Fat] Bitches for 14 years."
I could rant about our changing mores in regards to words, but why? I wouldn't order a "Fat Bitch" or a "Philly Cheesesteak". I prefer the "Brisket on a Poor Boy" or a "Hero".

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