Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Hand Wringers

Fareed Zakaria of NewsWeek was on Jon Stewart's show and the two discussed the election and the thought that maybe "freedom" really is a flower taking root in Iraq. Zakaria said this was only the 2nd election in the Middle East. 300 Million people are looking to Iraq and saying, "Why not us?" But, was it worth it? Could we have done it differently? Did we succeed in spite of ourselves, after 2 1/2 years of blunders?
Iraq will still be a country that is substantially better off than it was under Saddam Hussein. There is real pluralism and openness in the society—more so than in most of the Middle East. ...snip...Perhaps the Shia majority will use their power wisely. But Iraqi democracy is now at the mercy of that majority, who we must hope will listen to their better angels. That is not a sign of success. "If men were angels," James Madison once wrote, "no government would be necessary."
Now will the Shia's treat the Sunni's well and invite them to share power or suppress them ala Sadaam? Now we have to worry, they say, about people wanting freedom and the whole area exploding into one big Civil War. There will always be "hand wringers". Thank God for the people who say "whatever problems develop from taking action, we will solve". That is progress!

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