Monday, February 14, 2005


How We Fight War has Changed

In the Stars and Stripes two stories that show how much the way we fight war has changed. Dresden: 60 years ago, aerial bombing became grisly fact of modern warfare
Hundreds of bombers opened their bellies and thousands of bombs tumbled out, screaming earthwards and landing willy-nilly on the medieval German city of Dresden.
The city burned and tens of thousands died, mostly civilians.
Latest bombing technology helps reduce risk to Iraqi civilians
One truth in Iraq, said Col. Bob Chapman, is the minds and hearts of Iraqis won’t be won if America drops bombs on them.

That’s why, the director of operations for U.S. Central Air Force Command said, great care is taken in the country before a bomb is dropped.

“We take collateral damage mitigation very seriously,” he said in a telephone interview from Shaw Air Force Base, S.C. “Almost every weapon we drop is a precision munitions now.”
Leaders from both sides in the past "believed bombing civilians would break their spirit and force an end to the war." Let our enemy know, you will not break our spirit!

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