Saturday, February 12, 2005


Lamis Awad Speaks About Eason Jordan

From IslamOnline
Lamis Awad, a Tunisian journalist who attended the event, said Jordan criticized the US forces for targeting reporters working for Al-Jazeera news channel in particular.

“The US administration would not allow any journalist working in a heavyweight American channel like CNN to publicly criticize its policies in Iraq,” she told the Doha-based broadcaster commenting on the resignation.
There are two instances in the article in which Al-Jazeera accuses the US Military of deliberately attacking their offices in Kabul and Baghdad killing its correspondent Tariq Ayyoub.
Al-Jazeera– nicknamed “the CNN of the Arab world” - is the most-watched channel in the Arab world.

The station’s officials plan the launch of an English satellite TV by the end of this year. It already has a sports channel and plans to also start up a documentary channel and another for children in 2005.
No indication from Eason Jordan if his new job will be Al-Jazeera chief news executive.

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