Saturday, February 12, 2005


No Eason Jordan in The Oregonian

Isn't it interesting! I read The Oregonian from cover to cover this Saturday morning for anything about CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan quitting. Not one mention. Why did he quit? He allegedly accused the US Military of deliberately targeting reporters, killing at least 12. There was a video tape of the conversation which was not released. Jordan denied making the accusations and rather than release the tape, he resigned. I went online and searched for the last seven days and got
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I remember when Portland had two daily newspapers, The Oregonian and The Oregon Journal. These two papers competed until they merged and then there was just The Oregonian. Now there is competition again with 5 to 8 million blogs, each a newspaper, in a way, and we see what is not being reported. No longer does someone in a glass office decide for us what stories to print.

Mover Mike

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