Tuesday, February 22, 2005


The Oregonian Responds

The Oregonian has responded to my post of the 19th:
Eason Jordan VS Jeff Gannon in The Oregonian in which I state that to be completely silent on Eason Jordan, yet play up the story of Jeff Gannon speaks volumes about the bias that exists in the MSM and The Oregonian. I concluded by saying:

Come on, Oregonian, start doing the job we subscribers pay you to do!

The Oregonian has an archives accessible through OregonLive. You can access the past 14 days and the last three years, ending at Dec. 31, 2004. I said the only note on Eason Jordan is this snippet from February 17th

The New York Daily News reports that former CNN exec Eason Jordan is dating actress Sharon Stone. Word is the 46-year-old movie siren hooked up with the 44-year-old news executive during the World Economic Conference in Davos, Switzerland.
I was told there was one article I missed by Kathleen Parker.
With the recent toppling of CBS' Dan Rather and now CNN's top news executive, Eason Jordan, I think we can declare without fear of
contradiction that rigor mortis is settling over the carcass of the
Fourth Estate.
She goes on to say
What Jordan essentially said, for those who were in orbit the past two weeks -- or who rely strictly on mainstream media -- was that the U.S. military had targeted journalists in Iraq, where about 36 journalists have been killed since 2003.(emphasis added)
So, the people who read The Oregonian read on the 16th that Eason Jordan is gone. Shouldn't there have been some context for that commentary between Jan 27th and Parker's column on Feb 16th? Yet the same paper can obsess over print commentary and editorialize about Jeff Gannon and only tell us Jordan has hooked up with Sharon Stone. Some priorities!

Speaking about priorities, reminds me. At a recent dinner party a number of us were sitting around after dinner talking about the latest news of Michael Jackson, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, etc., etc.. I asked everyone, after a lot of this, "Who is the Speaker of the House, the next in line after the Vice President?" Silence!...Dennis Hastert, Rep. J. Dennis Hastert, 14th District of Illinois.

I love Boston Legal when the co-star William Shatner says Denny Crane! Well, to The Oregonian, Denny Hastert!

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