Thursday, February 10, 2005


Sen. Allen, Sen Dodd, and N Korea Nukes

Senator Calls for Release of Comments by CNN News Chief By Marc Morano
A member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said Wednesday the videotaped comments of a CNN news executive claiming that U.S. troops in Iraq had targeted journalists should be released. The senator also condemned the remarks, saying they could provide fodder for enemies of the United States.

Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) called the comments by Eason Jordan, the head of CNN's news division, "outrageous and wrong," and said he wants to see the videotape of Jordan making the comments.
Carl Limbacher in NewsMax
On Tuesday (Sen. Christopher) Dodd's office released a statement saying he " was outraged by [Jordan's] comments," adding that he is "tremendously proud of the sacrifice and service of our American military personnel.
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North Korea Has Nukes, Refuses Negotiations By Susan Jones

North Korea told the world on Thursday that it already has nuclear weapons - to protect itself from the United States; and it also announced that it will not return to six-way talks intended to curb its nuclear ambitions.
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