Monday, February 07, 2005


Social Security, Amelia on Saturday

Heckuva good article on Social Security from Oregon Magazine The Dirty Little Secret
In April, you’ll be 62 years old, and after forty years at the same job, you’d like a rest, and a chance to look around to see what else you might like to do. How much money do you have in your social security account after paying into it all these years?


Every dime is gone. Spent by congress. (They just dumped in another batch of I.O.U.s the other day, in fact.)
Mover Mike

Going to see Amelia this Saturday at Mississippi Studios. Their latest album just grows and grows on me. Give a listen on their website Amelia

2/12 (Sat) AMELIA with MY BRAVE FACE
“Lead singer Teisha Helgerson’s husky yet smooth vocals and Amelia’s Jazz-influenced, ethereal songs manage sexy mystery and quiet desperation reminiscent of the Cowboy Junkies. Though both bands’ songs are dark and quiet, Amelia’s aren’t nearly as depressing as the Junkies – there’s light, sweet and amazing light, at the end of Amelia’s tunnels.” (Willamette Week)
“Amelia demonstrates a seamless union of identity, sound and
purpose….striking a balance between old and new, worldliness and Americana.”
(The Oregonian)
My Brave Face imagines the Costello/McCartney band that never was with all the harmonies you might envision.
8 pm (doors: 7 pm) $10

Mover Mike

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