Sunday, February 13, 2005


Targeting Journalists

Hat tip to Instapundit. This is what I've been waiting on, a discussion of whether Journalists have been targeted, since the CPJ and Reporters Without Borders have obviously accused the US Military of "murder and deliberate targeting". I think this is an important topic. It's either urban myth or it needs to be investigated. Eason Jordan is gone because he assumed or claimed there was fire in all that smoke, denied saying so, and never offered proof. Now The Mudville Gazette has a great post about Targeting Journalists
The more outlandish a conspiracy theory is, the more likely it can be utterred without fear of reprisal in certain circles. Some small kernel of truth that adds any credibilty to the claim is a bonus. After all, journalists do get killed on battlefields. Civilians are often victims of crossfire. Soldiers sometimes mistakenly fire on their brothers-in-arms. It's a small step from those facts to an assumption that somewhere, somehow a soldier might have intentionally fired on a journalist in the heat of battle. That's the start of a slippery slope, nearer the bottom of which some are surprised to find executives with major news organizations opining that such events occur with a frequency that could not be unnoticed by the powers-that-be in both the military and the media.
I suspect, there are many that will find fault with America, that have no respect for the US Military, and are willing to believe like Jordan. They can take an incident like Abu-Ghraib and indict the whole for the actions of a few.

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