Thursday, February 03, 2005


Thursday, February 3rd

Hat Tips to Free Republic

Big sperm race is staged on German reality TV
After Big Brother and Jungle Camp, Germans can tune in to a TV reality show this week that breaks new ground in trashiness ... Sperm Race. Twelve men will compete against each other to see which one of them has the 'fastest' sperm.
...the sperm will 'race' towards an egg
...the winner will also be given a suitably German reward, a red Porsche.
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"Dean Wormer" of Animal House, Actor John Vernon, Dead at 72

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What's become of Teresa Heinz Kerry? Insider the Beltway reports

"I just checked, and she no longer uses her [entire] last name; only during the [presidential] campaign did she use Kerry," the council's Tamara Rodriguez Reichberg told Inside the Beltway upon our inquiry.
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13-year old to address Linux conference

Elizabeth (Garbee) will be speaking on "Extending Tuxracer – Learning by Playing", a seminar which Chair of the 2005 organising committee Steven Handley has said will revolve around making modifications to Tuxracer (a popular open source game involving Linux’s cuddly mascot) with the aim of making the game more fun. Ex-Debian Project Leader and dad Bdale will also present at the conference.
Let's see when I was 13, I was in playing the clarinet in 7th grade band.

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NY Times Pays for Spots on Web Site

The New York Times will have three of its story headlines featured at the top of 80 categories for an undisclosed price. All but a few of the topics are focused on New York City and New York state.
What am I missing here. If the topics are mostly about NY, why would the NYT have to pay?

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