Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Tuesday, February 1st

Quakes in Indian Ocean

2005/02/02 01:30:21 9.99N 93.98E 35.7 5.4 NICOBAR ISLANDS

2005/02/01 17:14:05 2.85N 94.24E 28.7 5.3 OFF W COAST,NORTHERN SUMATRA
2005/02/01 15:54:12 10.05N 94.09E 28.3 5.1 Andaman Islands
2005/02/01 14:15:49 5.23N 94.62E 23.7 5.6 NORTHERN SUMATRA
2005/02/01 13:54:38 10.01N 94.04E 44.1 5.2 ANDAMAN ISLANDS
2005/02/01 13:41:53 8.19N 94.16E 19.2 5.2 NICOBAR ISLANDS
2005/02/01 10:35:17 9.97N 94.01E 34.6 5.5 NICOBAR ISLANDS
2005/02/01 01:08:01 7.95N 94.00E 16.8 5.3 NICOBAR ISLANDS

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Is Bird Flu on the Way Here?

The first confirmed case of bird flu being spread between people occurred in Thailand recently, when a woman caught it from her daughter.
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Is it Moral to Create Chimeras?

Activist Jeremy Rifkin thinks animals have the right to exist without being crossed with another species, and says scientists "have now gone over the edge." Ethicist David Magnus worries about how chimeras will be used. One example he gives is that mice can be bioengineered to produced both human sperm and eggs, meaning that a human embryo could be created that would have as his parents—two mice.
Last year Canada passed a law banning the creation of chimeras, but biologist Irv Weissman doesn't think we should pass such a law here because it would be "stopping research that would save human lives." He plans to create mice with human brains.
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Oh, Honey!

Hat Tip to The Drudge Report.

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Apparently that picture has been taken down so let's use this one. It is interesting that now I can't find that particular picture on the net. It was striking to me. I had not seen Sen Clinton look so bad. And now the picture is gone. Hmmm!

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