Monday, February 07, 2005


Update on Bird Flu, VW Viral Ad, and US Inflation

From Hyscience: Chinese Scientists Develop Bird Flu Vaccine
Scientists in China have developed a bird flu vaccine for poultry and mammals that can fend off the deadly virus and help stop its spread, the China Daily newspaper said on Monday.
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From Modern Tribalist (Please welcome him, BTW) Foolish Spain

Spain thinks that the problems of illegal immigration can be solved by making the immigrants legal
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Hat tip to Instapundit for Carnival of the Capitalists writing about the downside of "viral marketing" from The Mobile Technology Weblog

Buckley's first law of business is "Don't sue your customers", followed by "Don't sue anyone, if you can possible avoid it."
Two admen made an ad featuring a VW used by a terrorist, blows up on the inside, without blowing up on the outside, now they are being sued, a violation of Buckley's rule #2. BTW here's the ad from Adland also
Rumour Mill Update 3: It has been brought to our attention that the RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) is incensed at this spot. They noticed that the driver of the VW doesn't appear to be wearing a seat belt or any other form of safety harness, thus making him a unsuitable role model for impressionable British youth. "Remember, ladies and gents - Seat belts save lives."
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I happen to believe that inflation is understated in this country. Two articles that agree with my point of view explain how we arrive at our numbers and compare our growth rate to Europe.
US inflation: are Savers Screwing the Pooch?

How America fakes its figures

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