Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Dreaming of the other side of the wire

Hugh Hewitt, blogfather to so many of us, links here to this Economist article, "Dreaming of The Other Side of The Wire," and urges comment and analysis.

We all agree that we have an immigration problem. We have 1 to 3 million (estimates vary widely) immigrants, predominately from Mexico and south coming to the US. We offer a minimum hourly wage that is equal to a days pay in Mexico. We offer jobs, health care and citizenship to those born here.

No one will allow the 10 Million or so here now to be deported. That would be like setting up concentration camps in Mexico. However, the states on the border are having to pay some outrageous costs that are the nation's costs, it seems to me, not just the states. President Bush has proposed something like workers passes, where a Mexican could go back and forth easily. That seems to me, like a reasonable start. I do have several problems with the situation as it is now.

The "Boat People" came here defying terrible survival odds seeking asylum. They had to jump through all the usual hoops to be granted citizenship. They earned it by studying our values and passing a test and having some proficiency in the English language. It is not fair to these people to grant blamket amnesty to people from the south of our borders.

I object to the multicultural atmosphere of the immigrants. They set up enclaves of like minded people and non english signs on their businesses and don't attempt to fit in. I was amazed to see a woman in traditional Muslim dress, get into a SUV, and drive away while talking on the phone. When you come to the US, act like an American. Don't come here and create the same conditions here that drove you from your lands.

Ex Governor Dick Lamm listed some ways to destroy America. One of those was to

Make our fastest growing demographic group the least educated.
We will need to see that these immigrants are educated and they inculcated with our values and we will need to agree on those values.

Mover Mike

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