Wednesday, March 16, 2005


IBM, Whitley Strieber

IBM has shown off a working prototype of a ultra-high density storage technology that could cram in the equivalent of 25 DVDs in a space no larger than a postage stamp.
Wow, a camera that could hold the equivalent of 25 CD's of pictures on a postage-stamp sized memory card. Now if they could just invent a battery that would take those pictures!

Mover Mike

Whitley Strieber at Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country has an update to the book "Superstorm" he co-authored with Art Bell on which the movie "The Day After Tommorow" was made.

Unfortunately, we are in a time of horrific crisis far beyond anything I imagined when Art Bell and I wrote Superstorm. It is so much worse than I expected then that I almost can't believe what I am seeing. We are well into a sudden climate change situation, but it may not be the one that we envisioned in Superstorm.
I thought of him today for two reasons. He claims Mount Kilamanjaro losing its snow cover is one more piece of evidence for global warming. Today, however Betsy's Page credits The Astute Blogger for presenting other ecidence besides global warming for the disappearance. The second reason, while reading my feeds from Bloglines, I discovered Kevin Kelly at Cool Tools has a tool for sale that helps you build Igloos. Called the Iceblox, it sells for $176. Might be just the thing we should get on the net and order.

Mover Mike

From Bloomberg, Oil at an all time high, above $56 per barrel, CRB at another high of 322!

Mover Mike

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