Thursday, March 10, 2005


Iran and Inflation

"In a war with Iran, all ya' gotta do is replace the Q's with N's." Reports are that US and Irani troops are pretty close on the border. Hat tip to Free Republic.

Mover Mike

From the WSJ.Online Fed's Bernanke : US House-Price Growth To 'Moderate'-

U.S. house prices grew 11% in 2004, the fastest rate in 25 years.


Federal Reserve Governor Ben Bernanke said Thursday the growth of U.S. house prices is likely to slow in the future to a pace that resembles the rate of "return on stocks and bonds."

If you exclude Food and Energy, there's no fears about inflation. Food and Energy are my two main expenditures, besides housing. US home prices went up 11% in 2004. That's probably not in the CPI either.

Here's what Beranke wants to keep quiet:

He and his gang and Kudlow can talk all they want about "no inflation", but this chart shows a different story.

Mover Mike

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