Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Jerry Fuhrman at From On High has revived my interest in a topic of concern to me. I live in the Northwest. I carry around with me, pictures of Salmon that fling themselves higher and higher up the fish ladders; an engineer's answer to get upstream around the dams on the Columbia.

Furhman writes that union janitors at the Detroit Airport are unhappy because they are being replaced by Non-union janitors. And in Fuhrman's opinion

If I were to try to rank airports by their cleanliness, I'd put the Detroit facility last and in a class by itself. The Miami airport sometimes comes close but doesn't really compare. How do I rate them? I go to the bathroom. When I'm in Detroit, I'd rather relieve myself behind the Northwest commuter terminal in subzero weather than sit down on any toilet in the complex. There are diseases there that are intermingling and creating uncatalogued pestilences. If a pandemic begins to spread across the land, it will originate in Concourse B at Detroit Metro. Mark my words.

I remember reading this warning on a stall wall:

It Does No Good To Stand On The Seat.
Metro Germs Can Leap Five Feet.
Now here's my question: IF metro germs can leap five feet, can they swim up stream, so to speak, as I relieve myself in the Detroit Airport or any other airport for that matter? There's that picture of the Salmon! Would it be better if I stood back 10 feet from the urinal?

Mover Mike

The Grumpy Old Bookman writes about something I've long suspected. Most people don't read the short stories that are widely touted in some of our trendy magazines, just as, I suspect, they don't read the poems. However they are praised by acedemics, those who adfminister the MFA programs. Read Part 1. The official history of the short story and tomorrow the real story.

Mover Mike

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