Wednesday, March 09, 2005


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Barcepundit (English edition) - From Barcelona, Spain

Bogs Doddy - From Aussie land

Fine? Why Fine? - a New Yorker, Occupation: Fraud Investigator

The Hobbesian Conservative - The blog for those conservatives who share some libertarian leanings, but cannot muster the undying faith in mankind that a proper libertarian must have. - while the law may be passionless, it certainly isn't humorless…at least not to us.

Mover Mike

In NPR Ombudsman talking about the culture, some conservatives are increasingly worried about losing the culture war, despite Republicans in charge. Liberals are frustrated over the re-election of President Bush.

These listeners feel that the media was unwilling or unable to stop Bush's ascent to victory.
Have today's journalists thought of themselves as modern "muckrakers" and have we all felt that the job of the media was to shine the light of truth on our favorite problem or cause, thus changing its direction? I would like to think there is an objective "truth" or reality, however I'm beginning to believe that, like quantum mechanics, an object's "truth" is affected by the observer.

Mover Mike

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