Monday, February 28, 2005


CRB and Amelia

The picture of the day:

After todays jump in the CRB, which measures a basket of commodity prices, we are within a few points of the all time high set in the early 1980's. Gold was then over $500 USD per ounce. Gold is at least $65 USD under priced at $435.

Jim Puplava in his Financial Sense Online, today looks ahead to Greenspan's and the Fed's next actions in the financial markets. Don't miss it!

Mover Mike

Here's a reminder. Cascade Aids Project

I blogged here and here about a Portland band called Amelia. Amelia's next gig is a benefit for the Cascade Aids Project on March 3rd at the Weiden and Kennedy building in the Pearl District. It is free and Amelia plays from 7:30 to 9:30. Here is a way to hear an excellent band for free AND help a worthy cause with your contributions. See you there.

Mover Mike

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