Sunday, February 27, 2005


The Sunday Oregonian

I eagerly grabbed The Oregonian from the front porch and turned to the Commentary section. I was told that the paper was going to explain why there was a lack of news coverage of Eason Jordan and Guckert/Gannon. The column by Michael Arrieta-Walden was disappointing. First, let me say I lean to the Libertarian side of politics. Frankly, I didn't see much news value in the Guckert/Gannon controversy. I wasn't too stirred by a lone conservative reporter asking a softball question, when most of the White House reporters admit they vote for Democrats and ask questions to nail the president.

I did think it news that the Chief Exec. of CNN's news department accused the US Military of deliberately targeting reporters. Arrieta-Walden says

And if you only read the news pages of The Oregonian, you wouldn't know that the top CNN news executive had stepped down because of controversy about his remarks on whether U.S. soldiers targeted journalists.
There was no controversy. Three people and a reporter that reported the story were shocked in Davos, Switzerland over Jordan's remarks: Sen Chris Dodd, Congressman Barney Frank and David Gergen. All agreed that Jordan accused the military of deliberately murdering reporters. A mindset has developed among some that reporters are being murdered and by our military. I posted about this here in Do Journalists in Iraq Feel Threatened? I listed ten reporters that had been killed in Iraq. The information comes from the group Reporters without Borders.

That's the story The Oregonian missed. And because the MSM media didn't write about and The Oregonian gets its news from the wire services, we could only know about Jordan from the conservative blogs. (And Guckert/Gannon from the liberal blogs.) It's time The Oregonian gets with it. It's time you monitor actively the major blogs and see what is being "blogswarmed". Start with Daou Report, PunditDrome, read BuzzMachine, Hugh Hewitt, Instapundit, PowerLine and read Mover Mike! If you continue to rely on your MSM sources, you will continue to shortchange your readers; you will continue to miss the big stories.

Mover Mike

I'm not through with the Sunday Oregonian. On page E3, No scenario of 'Day After Tomorrow" by Christopher Burt, we get this

But even though global warming is now an indesputable scientific fact, the link between it and extreme weather remains tenuous.
Now that is just plain wrong, it is NOT an indisputable fact. I posted here Hockeystick Broke & Compound Interest that one of the leading pieces of evidence, that was used as a key piece of evidence for global warming, was flawed. Stop allowing tripe like this to be in the paper, unquestioned.

Mover Mike

And finally, Right-wing group USA Next uses ad to take aim at AARP by Tom Teepen, we get this

So USA Next is laying on the same crew that smeared John Kerry's in-fact sterling Vietnam War service--the PR firm, activists and consultants of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth scam--to do a number on AARP.
First, either Teepen stole the verbiage from Maureen Dowd, who wrote almost the same words, or she stole it from him. Second, I contributed money to The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Kerry's campaign in my opinion was over when this group appeared. (I have witnesses to prove that comment.) The simple way to settle this matter is for Kerry to sign SF-180 releasing all his military records as he said he would do in a post-election interview on Meet the Press to Tim Russert. Until then, don't tell me about his sterling Vietnam service.

Mover Mike

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