Monday, February 28, 2005



Yesterday I posted here about USA Next and how it is working against some of the AARP positions. From NRO
USA Next is taking its anti-AARP campaign to the next level. Here are some of their points, from a memo released today:

- AARP has never worked to eliminate the double tax on Social Security

- AARP has regularly opposed eliminating the death tax and cuts in the
capital gains tax

- AARP opposed the marriage amendment in Ohio last year

- AARP has supported gun control measures such as the Brady Bill
IMO, the first two points are legimate issues and AARP is on the wrong side. I don't know if #3 is a legimate issue for AARP, and I am unconvinced on the merits of the Brady Bill.

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Captain Ed in North Korea To Return To The Bargaining Table

So once again the grown-ups at the Bush White House have won another round of diplomacy where the Democrats wouldn't have had the nerve to play. It's yet another reason why we're better off with Bush serving a second term than having John Kerry bringing back Madeline Albright for an encore.
Hear, Hear!

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Croooow Blog
"You, me, the media and the blogosphere. With some ranting and raving on the side." says goodbye today. You will be missed!

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I get emails from Bullguard, a spyware company, and this little puzzle took up a lot of my time one day:

Check out this link from BullGuard Curiosities

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WOW!! $899.00 Syntax Launches 26″ Olevia LT26HVE LCD HDTV

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